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keep it country2

Algemene Partnerdance Pagina. 2017 / 2016.

Partner dansen v/d meest gewaardeerde BUITENLANDSE en ook de NL/BE Choreografen.

keep it country2
Op deze tabel ***Partnerdance 2017***  kan u op Dansnaam of Choreograaf  zoeken.
2017Dansvideo + DanssheetChoreograafArtiestMuziekCounts Partner
Imagine that (Pd)Diane JacksonDon WilliamsImagine That64(Pd)20-11-2017
That Old Flame (Pd)Linda SansoucyDon Henley & Martina McBrideThat Old Flame64(Pd)17-11-2017
Union Mare Shuffle(Pd)Greywolf & Wiya WambliMartin Michiels – Union Mare, Confederate GreyUnion Mare64(Pd)03-11-2017
California Two (Pd)Vikki MorrisTim McGraw ft.Big & RichCalifornia32(Pd)03-11-2017
Better In Texas (Pd)Mawayani, Rini & PietRick TrevinoBetter In Texas32(Pd)18-10-2017
Younger Than Love (Pd)Joke MozesDick van AltenaYounger Than Love32(Pd)17-10-2017
Chains Of Love (Pd)Patrick PuttenaersMike DenverThe Chains Of Love35(Pd)27-09-2017
She's Lonely (Pd)Karen & NigelJon Christopher Davis" She Don't Know She's Lonely "64(Pd)12-09-2017
Angel On My Shoulder (Pd)Karen & Nigel PollGary PerkinsAngel On My Shoulder64(Pd)01-08-2017
Getaway Driver (Pd)Jon Starmar & Sylvia ClearyMiranda LambertGetaway Driver48(Pd)12-06-2017
My Son Call Another Man Daddy (Pd)Joke MozesGene StuartMy Son Calls Another Man Daddy64(Pd)07-06-2017
Cowboy Ride Away (Pd)Tonnie VosDavitt country bandCowboy Rides Away64(Pd)04-06-2017
Dream In My Eyes (Pd) ReleaseDenys & Marie-France BenClay WalkerDreaming With My Eyes Wide Open32(Pd)04-06-2017
That My Heart (Pd)Manu Santos & Virginie BarjaudThe McClymontsSomething that my Heart does32(Pd)16-05-2017
No More Running Around (Pd)Joke MozesPinchitos CalienteNo More Running Around64(Pd)13-05-2017
Fancy Feet Waltz (Pd) ReleaseSonia & Alan ColeTracy Byrd" Tucson Too Soon "48(Pd)09-05-2017
Cheyenne Woman (Pd) ReleaseFiona & Ian SmithRene GuyllineCheyenne Woman!48(Pd)09-05-2017
GB Shuffle (Pd)Michael SchmidtCountry GabiMy Life For Country Music32(Pd)07-05-2017
You Are The One (Pd) ReleaseMichelle Chandonnet & Marc ArchamboultCarlene CarterYou Are The One64(Pd)05-05-2017
It Only Hurt (pd)Joke MozesRick Trevino'It Only Hurts When I Laugh'
Rock Bottom (Pd)Tonnie Vos Dj DanRobbie FulksRock Bottom32(Pd)24-04-2017
Invisible (Pd)Fiona & Ian SmithDarren Busby" Invisible “48(Pd)21-04-2017
Break My Heart (Pd)Joke MozesPhilomena BegleyHonky – Tonkitis-64(Pd)13-04-2017
Love Forever (Pd)Piet Meulendijks en Conny MartinThe Mavericks“ I Will Be Yours “32(Pd)03-04-2017
Tennessee Bird Dance (Pd)Joke MozesWim van BeijerenTennessee Bird Walk64(Pd)01-04-2017
B My Love (Pd)Greywolf & Wiya WambliGary FjellgaardFire & Lace64(Pd)01-04-2017
Postpone The Pain (Pd)Michael SchmidtAlan & Sonia ColePostpone The Pain60(Pd)23-03-2017
Happy Friends (Pd)Michael SchmidtDean BrodySoggy Bottom Summer32(Pd)10-03-2017
Can We 2 Step (Pd)Barb & Dave MonroeTeea GoansPick Me Up On Your Way Down
Good at Tonight (Pd)Linda SansoucyDavid Nail,Good at Tonight32(Pd)28-01-2017
If I Could Kill a Word (P) (Pd)Bobbey Willson,Eric ChurchKill a Word48(Pd)22-01-2017
Cheap Cologne (Pd)Carol & George StayteWilliam Michael MorganCheap Cologne64(Pd)02-01-2017
Op deze tabel ***Partnerdance 2016***  kan u op Dansnaam of Choreograaf  zoeken.[
2016Dansvideo + DanssheetChoreograafArtiestMuziekCounts Partner
Looking Over My ShoulderTonnie Vos(NL)Robert MitzellYou’re Waltzing With Me48(Pd)23-12-2016
I’m Gonna Break Some Promises (PD)Tonnie Vos(NL)Dallas WayneI'm Gonna Break Some Promises Tonight32(Pd)20-11-2016
The Black Longhorn (PD)J Mozes J Warnars(NL)Larry MasseyWell Done32(Pd)11-11-2016
Talk To My Heart (PD)Joke Mozes(NL)Philip & Maria Andrews &Talk To My Heart60(Pd)07-11-2016
On My Knees (PD)Joke Mozes(NL)Charlie Rich & Jannie FrickeOn My Knees32(Pd)20-10-2016
Lovebug (PD)Lara MinattaGeorge Strait Lovebug32(Pd)10-10-2016
Sunny Day For 2 (PD)Linda SansoucyCreedence Clearwater RevivalHave You Ever Seen The Rain
Rum Tequila & Beer (PD)Linda SansoucyToby KeithRum Is The Reason
Memory & Drinks (PD)Linda SansoucyToby KeithHaggard, Hank & Her32(Pd)06-10-2016
Comin Down With A Heartache(Pd)Joke Mozes(NL)Sharon Anderson Comin Down With A Heartache64(Pd)23-09-2016
I Fall To Pieces (Pd)Tonnie Vos(NL)LeAnn Rimes I Fall To Pieces64(Pd)14-09-2016
Let's Start & Stop(Pd)Joke Mozes(NL)John Cody Carter Let’s Stop Right Where We Are.64(Pd)02-09-2016
This Old Raft(Pd) ReleaseH Lavoile & AuclairDean BrodyThis Old Raft.32(Pd)02-09-2016
Roller Coaster (Pd)Michael SchmidtLuke BrianRoller Coaster64(Pd)05-08-2016
House On The Beach (P) (PD)Adriano CastagnoliEaston Corbin Wild Women And Whiskey32(Pd)27-07-2016
High Cotton(Pd)Harold GrimshawAlabamaHigh Cotton32(Pd)23-07-2016
House On The Beach(Pd)Adriano CastagnoliEaston CorbinWild Women And Whiskey32(Pd)23-07-2016
Nashvill Two(Pd)Greywolf & Wambli(NL)Catherine BrittNashville Blues48(Pd)13-07-2016
Somewhere Someone(Pd)Verhoeven Meulendijks(NL)Dick van Altena & Tonny WilléSomewhere Someone32(Pd)18-06-2016
Lover Please Come Back(Pd)Bobby HouleBilly SwanLover Please Come Back.32(Pd)17-06-2016
Wild Nights In Mexico(Pd)Dan AlbroMartina McBrideWild Night64(Pd)15-06-2016
Lie To Him(Pd)Joke Mozes(NL)Amber DigbyLie To Him64(Pd)09-06-2016
Moon River Walk (PD)Greywolf & Wambli(NL)Doug Seegers Going Down to the River64(Pd)03-06-2016
Poesia Surprise (PD)Ivonne Verhagen(NL)The Band PerryGentle On My Mind32(Pd)27-05-2016
Angels & Alcohol (PD)Namida DancersAlan Jackson "Angels and Alcohol"64(Pd)16-05-2016
Dixie Highway (PD)Arne StakkestadAlan Jackson ft. Zac Brown"Dixie Highway"32(Pd)24-04-2016
Rock 'n' Rodeo (PD)Linda SansoucyHighway 101Honky Tonk Baby32(Pd)05-04-2016
Cindy Lou Two Step (PD)Hazel PaceKenny ChesneyNever Gonna Feel Like That Again64(Pd)25-03-2016
The Diff (PD)MaureenMcShaneRitchie Remo Hit The Diff32(Pd)11-03-2016
Chug For 2 (PD)StakkestadtThe Scott Taylor BandChug32(Pd)02-02-2016
Good Day To Run (PD)Alan&Sonia ColeDarryl WorleyA Good Day To Run64(Pd)31-01-2016
Sunny Side Swing (Pd)Jef Camps(NL)Nick McAlleySunny Side48(Pd)22-01-2016


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