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Op deze tabel ***Choreografen Buitenland 2018 Country***  kan u op Dansnaam of Choreograaf zoeken.
2018.Dansvideo + DanssheetChoreograafArtiestMuziekCounts
EverybodyDan MorrrisonChris JansonEverybody32/408-02-2018
I'm One Of ThoseDaniel Trepat (NL), José miguel Belloque VaneCanaan"One Of Those"32/407-02-2018
We Just MightLarry BassHal Ketchum(Tonight We Just Might) Fall In Love Again32/407-02-2018
DownCrystal DurandGord BamfordDown32/207-02-2018
Pull You ThroughMaddison Glover & Jo SzymanskiMaggie RosePull You Through32/405-02-2018
Pure LoveSonja HemmesRonnie MilsapPure Love32/405-02-2018
PostcardDerek RobinsonFirst Aid KitPostcard32/404-02-2018
If I Were You Michelle RisleyCody Johnson(I Wouldn't Go There) If I Were You40/403-02-2018
love Takes TimeSéverine FillionGord BamfordLove Takes Time64/401-02-2018
Every Time It Rains Adrian ChurmLacy CavalierEvery Time It Rains32/401-02-2018
On The RocksJoshua TalbotMidlandDrinkin' Problem32/401-02-2018
Outside InDiana DawsonLane TurnerOutside Looking In.32/401-02-2018
What Makes You CountryRob HolleyLuke BryanWhat Makes You Country32/428-01-2018
Empty HeartMicaela Svensson ErlandssonDerek RyanFull House, Empty Heart32/428-01-2018
Stand By My Woman ManPat StottRonnie Milsap(I'm a) Stand By My Woman Man32/428-01-2018
Really Don't Want To KnowJennifer JouAnne Murray "I Really Don't Want To Know"48/426-01-2018
Woman AmenRob Fowler Dierks BentleyWoman, Amen64/426-01-2018
Blue KissesKarl-Harry WinsonSimon Crashly & The RoadmastersYou Broke My Heart.64/425-01-2018
Deep SouthStephen Pistoia, Conrad FarnhamJosh TurnerDeep South48/425-01-2018
Best AdventureLinda SansoucyLeaving ThomasBest Adventure32/225-01-2018
A Thousand StarsGary LaffertyMichael EnglishA Thousand Stars64/223-01-2018
All OverYvonne AndersonAdam HarveyIt's All Over32/423-01-2018
Georgia ExpressHarry SchalkBilly Joe ShaverGeorgia on a Fast Train32/420-01-2018
Spilled WhiskeyMicaela Svensson ErlandssonDaryle SingletarySpilled Whiskey32/220-01-2018
CraicerjackChris JacksonThe Outlaws Lyin' Eyes32/420-01-2018
Ghost In The Guitar Belén MarquezKeith UrbanGhost in This Guitar64/414-01-2018
Chip And A ChairDJ Cowboy Stafke Peeters Donny LeeChip And A Chair32/212-01-2018
White LightningNorman Gifford Robert MizzellWhite Lightining48/411-01-2018
Hooked On ItNorman GiffordLuke BryanHooked On It32/210-01-2018
Temporary Love Rob Holley & Randy PelletierTyminskiTemporary Love32/410-01-2018
Double Down Two Step Michele BurtonDonny LeeChip And A Chair64/408-01-2018
I Got This TooKate SalaJerrod NiemannI Got This48/408-01-2018
Kinda Don’t Care Kate SalaJustin Moore Kinda Don_’t Care32/408-01-2018
HeavenCaroline Dancer CooperKane BrownHeaven32/208-01-2018
Half A SongDonnie AllenCody JohnsonHalf A Song32/405-01-2018
A World Of BlueHiroko CarlssonDwight YoakamA World Of Blue32/205-01-2018
Sleepy EyesAndrew & Sheila PalmerNiamh LynnBlue Bayou64/405-01-2018
Rusty StringsDiana DawsonDick van Altena
'Rust on My Strings'64/402-01-2018
Life ChangesHeather Barton & Suzi BeauThomas RhettLife Changes32/402-01-2018
Op deze tabel ***Choreografen Buitenland 2017 Country***  kan u op Dansnaam of Choreograaf  zoeken.
2017Dansvideo + DanssheetChoreograafArtiestMuziekCounts
Leaving On A Jet PlaneMarie SørensenRitchie Remo"Leaving On A Jet Plane"32/431-12-2017
Driving in a PontiacUrban DanielssonPistol AnniesTulsa Time32/430-12-2017
Ruin My Bad Reputation ABK. SholesRonnie McDowellYou're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation32/430-12-2017
Got No Reason EZShirley Blankenship & K. SholesGene WatsonGot No Reason For Going Home
Clap Your Hands, and Stamp Your FeetMarie SørensenDie Campbells"Clap your Hands and Stamp your Feet"32/430-12-2017
All The King’s HorsesAlison & PeterMidlandOut Of Sight64/226-12-2017
Rock and Roll Kiss EZShirley Blankenship & K. SholesRonnie McDowellRock and Roll Kiss32/424-12-2017
Love Me In A FieldPeter DavenportLuke BryanLove Me In A Field32/224-12-2017
Believe In MeDee MuskDanielle BradberyWorth It'48/221-12-2017
La CamioneraManuel Pérez & Angela InogesPatricia MaguireTruck Driving Woman64/113-12-2017
End "M"Chatti The ValleyThe WoolpackersCan't Get Myself Getting Over You
A Love Storm Norman GiffordScooter LeeStorms of Love64/207-12-2017
Be YourselfHonky Tonk CliffVince Gill & Paul FranklinI Can’t Be Myself32/406-12-2017
Jesus is ComingMeiske PamaputeraThe Bellamy BrothersJesus is Coming48/403-12-2017
Dance After DanceChrystel DurandAaron WatsonOne Two Step At A Time32/403-12-2017
This Ain't Love Micaela Svensson ErlandssonDerek RyanThis Ain't Love32/401-12-2017
DianeSéverine FillionCam"Diane"32/430-11-2017
Buffalo BillRafel CorbíSara StorerBuffalo Bill72/428-11-2017
CowgirlsFrench CowgirlsSunny CowgirlsI Wanna Be A Farmer56/228-11-2017
Happy PeopleLinda SansoucyLittle Big TownHappy People32/423-11-2017
Isabel & Jose Linda SansoucyAaron WatsonClear Isabel64/223-11-2017
Chasin' Tail LightsSéverine FillionE by Matt MasonChasin' Tail Lights64/221-11-2017
Keep On Rockin' MeLarry BassPete StothardKeep On Rockin' Me
Things UpRafel CorbíJeremy ParsonsMakin' Things Up As I Go80/420-11-2017
People Are Good Gary O'Reilly Luke BryanMost People Are Good64/220-11-2017
We Need A WifeHeather BartonKim PaigeWe Need A Wife32/218-11-2017
For The First Time!!Heather Barton And Alexis StrongDarius RuckerFor The First Time32/417-11-2017
Wanna Be My Friend?Lee HamiltonGeorge StraitCheck Yes or No32/416-11-2017
TroubadourKarl-Harry WinsonGeorge StraitTroubadour32/216-11-2017
Love You, Repeat Betty Moses Rodney AtkinsEat, Sleep, Love You, Repeat
What You Get Is What You SeeAlison & PeterChris JansonRedneck Life68/212-11-2017
Jingle My BellsJunghye YoonThe TractorsJingle My Bells32/211-11-2017
Friends For LifeTracie lee , Simon Ward , Maddison GloverAustin Burke.Whole Lot In Love,32/410-11-2017
I Can See ArkansasCelia StevensDavid BallI Can See Arkansas32/205-11-2017
Free And EasyThe HighlanderDierks BentleyFree And Easy (Down The Road I Go)
Electric RodeoAlison Biggs & Peter MetelnickMidlandElectric Rodeo40/403-11-2017
Silver WingsJo Thompson SzymanskiScooter Lee.Silver Wings32/403-11-2017
Light Up The WorldVikki MorrisJeff CarsonShine On32/402-11-2017
Independent TruckerVikki MorrisSons of the PalominoIndependent Trucker64/402-11-2017
Wild CardVikki MorrisHunter HayesWild Card32/401-11-2017
Catfight Lorrna Cairns MursellLisa McHughYou Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man32/401-11-2017
Make A LittleDan AlbroMidlandMake A Little32/401-11-2017
InsecureSéverine FillionRae LynnInsecure48/429-10-2017
Overnight SuccessRosie Multari, John Robinson and Jo Thompson SzymanskiScooter LeeOvernight Success32/428-10-2017
It Don't Get Better Than ThisRoger NeffScooter LeeIt Don't Get Better Than This32/228-10-2017
Ramblin' ManRoger NeffBruce Robison and the Back Porch BandRock and Roll, Honky Tonk Ramblin' Man32/428-10-2017
One Night StandRobbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry WinsonLuke CombsHonky Tonk Highway64/227-10-2017
Lucky TouchTina ArgyleLuke CombsWhen It Rains It Pours40/427-10-2017
Enoch's Right EZAdrian Helliker & K. SholesDave SheriffEnoch Had It Right32/427-10-2017
Lonely For You OnlyAlison & PeterMidlandLonely For You Only32/426-10-2017
Six Mexican Beers *Gaye TeatherGeorge StraitWish You Well34/425-10-2017
TractorsMicaela Svensson ErlandssonDerek RyanFriends With Tractors34/424-10-2017
Forget Me Not Pat StottRonnie Milsap(There's) No Gettin' Over Me
I Got A Good ThingAntonella FediKip MooreI Got A Good Thing32/222-10-2017
Just Sayin' Adrian ChurmJames Baker Band.Just Sayin'48/422-10-2017
Paint the TownAudrey WatsonBernie HeaneyPaint the Town Red32/219-10-2017
I've Got MexicoRoger NeffJorge MorenoHe's Got You, I've Got Mexico32/419-10-2017
A DrinkMicaela Svensson ErlandssonJerry KilgoreWhat's It take to Get A Drink in Here32/418-10-2017
Got A Hole In My PocketR Multari and Jo Thompson SzymanskiScooter LeeHole In My Pocket48/216-10-2017
Caribbean RhumbaGordon TimmsJimmy BuffettBarometer Soup32/412-10-2017
Lonely This Weekend April Coady, Suzi Beau & Wil BosBo WaltonLonely Weekend64/212-10-2017
I'm Bettter For Loving YouRon BloyeHal KetchumLoving You Makes Me A Better Man
Love Comes AroundGordon TimmsGeorge StraitWhen Love Comes Around Again32/409-10-2017
Down On Your UppersGary O'ReillyDerek RyanDown On Your Uppers32/408-10-2017
Mexican Cantina Tina ArgyleAlan GregoryCome A Little Bit Closer32/208-10-2017
Clap 'EmMicaela Svensson ErlandssonDerek RyanHappy Man32/407-10-2017
Let's Go To LouisianaMaddison Glover & Jo Thompson SzymanskiScooter LeeLet's Go To Louisiana32/406-10-2017
Do I Ever Cross Your MindYvonne Anderson & Lizzie ClarkeTony JacksonDo I Ever Cross Your Mind32/206-10-2017
Cards On The TableMaggie GallagherBlake SheltonI'll Name the Dogs32/205-10-2017
StoryMaddison GloverDrake WhiteStory32/405-10-2017
Big Wood DeckMagali ChabretGretchen WilsonBig Wood Deck32/401-10-2017
Hell & High WaterVikki MorrisT Graham BrownHell & High Water32/401-10-2017
Wish I Didn't KnowSandra SpeckToby KeithWish I Didn't Know64/401-10-2017
Dance Her HomeRob FowlerCody JohnsonDance Her Home48/430-09-2017
SweetheartLee Hamilton & Grace DavidThomas RhettSweetheart32/230-09-2017
Maybe SomewhereVikki Morris & Julie LocktonToby KeithSouth of You32/429-09-2017
Whole Damn ThingApril CoadyChuck WicksWhole Damn Thing48/229-09-2017
Dig The Feeling *Tina ArgyleThe RailersKinda Dig The Feeling64/229-09-2017
I Couldn't Leave You *Yvonne Krause-SchenckRodney CrowellI Couldn't Leave You If I Tried64/227-09-2017
Back To IrelandMicaela Svensson ErlandssonJim DevineThe Old Road From Omagh To Dromore32/225-09-2017
GuacamoleGuylaine Bourdages & Stéphane CormierJason Allan.Holy Moly Guacamole32/425-09-2017
Windy CityMary ElmsAlison KraussWindy City64/424-09-2017
Redneck LifeKim McCloughan – MudgeeChris JansonRedneck Life60/421-09-2017
PrioritiesDiana DawsonThe Bellamy BrothersGet Your Priorities in Line64/420-09-2017
A Reel Craic Daniel Whittaker & Pat StottThe OutlawsLyin' Eyes64/216-09-2017
Button Box BoyDerek RobinsonMax T BarnesButton Box Boy32/216-09-2017
HomelandMicaela Svensson ErlandssonDerek RyanHomeland32/216-09-2017
Highway Honky TonkPhyllis ManierLuke CombsHonky Tonk Highway32/414-09-2017
Waitin' On MeHarry SchalkThe KendallsIf Your're Waitin' On Me64/414-09-2017
Good On YouSéverine FillionWard ThomasGood On You48/412-09-2017
Stir CrazyKate SalaJosh Thompson'I Won't Go Crazy'60/409-09-2017
Turnaround And Walk Back To MeRon BloyeToby KeithWhere You Gonna Go32/408-09-2017
Call A MarineAdrian ChurmToby Keith32/408-09-2017
Eyes For YouJo Thompson SzymanskiRonnie MilsapI Don't Want Nobody To Have My Love But You48/408-09-2017
Green EarthSéverine FillionM Callahan"God's Green Earth"32/404-09-2017
Eighteen Wheels *Leif WittorffKathy Mattea.Eighteen Wheels & A Dozen Roses.
LifelinesGaye Teather & Val MyersRodney AtkinsLifelines
2 More BottlesSéverine Fillion & TexasvalEmmylou HarrisTwo More Bottles Of Wine32/203-09-2017
Hunky DoryGaye TeatherToby KeithIt's All Good32/331-08-2017
Riverboat BarEtere Betty GeorgeRed JenkinsRebel On The Rocks32/427-08-2017
Australian KidOle Jacobson & Nina KSandra HumphriesWhen I was a Kid32/227-08-2017
The LowdownHayley WheatleyJosh Turner"Your Man"60/425-08-2017
Baby PainsNorman GiffordMichael Lee AustinLabor Pains32/425-08-2017
Do What It DoKathy Brown & CheeverToby KeithWacky Tobaccy.48/424-08-2017
Back To Me And YouKarolina Ullenstav & Jonas AndreassonAlan Jackson.Let's Get Back To Me And You
Heart In 2Micaela Svensson ErlandssonDerek Ryan.Break Your Heart32/421-08-2017
Summer SwayCody Flowers , Rachael McEnaney-WhiteDanielle Bradbery"Sway"32/420-08-2017
Smoke & MirrorsDarren MitchellAustin BurkeSleepin' Around32/419-08-2017
Sound Of The RainGraham MitchellKevin Fowler100 % Texan64/219-08-2017
Truck Driving WomanLiselotte OegaardPatricia MaguireTruck Driving Woman32/418-08-2017
Times UpTina ArgyleTravis TrittYou're Gonna Straighten Up32/417-08-2017
Runaway JuneSuzi BeauLipstickRunaway June32/216-08-2017
CountryholicHarold GrimshawSons of the PalominoCountryholic48/315-08-2017
All Over My HeartKarolina Ullenstav & Jonas AndreassonTravis TrittWalkin' All Over My Heart24/415-08-2017
A New MoonLindsay SpenceGerry GuthrieThere's a New Moon Over My Shoulder
Love For The FamilyMicaela Svensson ErlandssonPaul OverstreetSowin' Love32/413-08-2017
Wild And Crazy PlacesGaye TeatherMo PitneyWhen I'm With You56/411-08-2017
All God's ChildrenYvonne AndersonRobert Mizzell,Travelling Shoes36/208-08-2017
M O THarold GrimshawJerry KilgoreI Do My Own Thing64/206-08-2017
I'm In Heaven Tonight Karen KennedyDerek RyanHeaven Tonight32/406-08-2017
I Like ItKelli HaugenTim McGraw I Like It, I Love It32/402-08-2017
Drive of ShameJill WeissBrad PaisleyDrive of Shame32/402-08-2017
A Proud ManNorman GiffordCharlie and the RegretsProud Man64/202-08-2017
Everybody's Here ABJulie LocktonBrad PaisleyEverybody's Here32/401-08-2017
Wandering HeartsGary O'Reilly & Maggie GallagherThe Wandering HeartsWish I Could32/231-07-2017
AB For Friends Rafel CorbiMark ChesnuttIt's A Little Too Late32/431-07-2017
It Takes All KindsRob FowlerGeorge StraitIt Takes All Kinds32/430-07-2017
DiamondsJesús Moreno VeraJoe NicholsDiamonds Make Babies32/430-07-2017
A Little Bit Lit Rob FowlerTrace AdkinsLit24/430-07-2017
This Old HeartVikki MorrisMidlandThis Old Heart64/427-07-2017
If You Want A MotherMarie SørensenCliona Hagan“If You Want A Mother”32/427-07-2017
Chippin' AwayRoger NeffKevin FowlerChippin' Away32/225-07-2017
Love Will WinVivienne ScottPaulina Jayne"Love's Gonna Always Win"32/424-07-2017
Got A Little Dirt On My BootsSue Ann EhmannJon Pardi"Dirt On My Boots"32/422-07-2017
Start Over AgainSéverine FillionZac Brown BandStart Over64/222-07-2017
Two Steppin' Texas BlueCarl SullivanSonny MarshallTwo Stepping Texas Blue32/221-07-2017
Outskirts of HeavenTanya Hawkesworth / Val MyersCraig CampbellOutskirts of Heaven48/421-07-2017
The Most Beautiful GirlNiels PoulsenCharlie RichThe Most Beautiful Girl32/420-07-2017
Just A Two SteppinNorman Gifford & Jo Thompson SzymanskiTy EnglandI Should've Asked Her Faster32/419-07-2017
Goodbye And So LongRoger NeffAlison KraussIt's Goodbye and So Long to You32/218-07-2017
Dulces RecuerdosMarita TorresKathy MatteaBurnin' Old Memories34/217-07-2017
Save Me TonightMaggie GallagherA Little Bit More, Reed Fields & Jill HamlinSave Me Tonight32/416-07-2017
Smokey ChaTina ArgyleMidlandBurn Out32/414-07-2017
Dixie GirlSéverine FillionJohnathan EastDixie Girl64/414-07-2017
Shine On SummertimeSéverine FillionThe Washboard UnionShine32/414-07-2017
I Lost YouMichelle RisleyDylan ScottI Lost You32/414-07-2017
Tropical DepressionStephen & Lesley McKenna and Lorna CairnsAlan JacksonTropical Depression32/414-07-2017
You Can't go BackAnne Lis Gaardsvig NielsenHal Ketchum,"You Can't Go Back"32/414-07-2017
What's Going OnBrandi HughesBen KlickWhat's Going On32/214-07-2017
Lonely DrumDarren MitchellAaron GoodvinLonely Drum32/413-07-2017
RootsTina ArgyleZac Brown BandRoots48/410-07-2017
Sand In Your ShoesDerek RobinsonMoore & Moore (feat. Billy YatesSand in Our Shoes32/407-07-2017
Boogie TrainAggie GulleyThe TractorsBoogie Woogie Choo-Choo Train32/407-07-2017
The One You're Waiting OnMaddison GloverAlan JacksonThe One You're Waiting On44/207-07-2017
New Country ChaHayley Wheatley & Ella WheatleyCollin Raye"A Whole New World"32/401-07-2017
I'm Gonna Be BadAdrian Churm & Javier Rodriguez GallegoDeryl Dodd."Bad for Good"32/425-06-2017
Crazy Perfect Mess Kate Sala Lady AntebellumGood Time To Be Alive32/425-06-2017
Finally Found Somethin'Carol CothermanBrett EldredgeSomethin' I'm Good At32/423-06-2017
Ice Cold CoronaPat StottZac Brown BandStart Over64/422-06-2017
When I Get ItFred Whitehouse
& Karl-Harry Winson
Craig CampbellWhen I Get It32/422-06-2017
LonesomeGuylaine BourdagesDoug AdkinsLonesome.32/421-06-2017
A Honky Tonk HighwayNorman GiffordLuke CombsHonky Tonk Highway64/219-06-2017
She Loves My WillieAudrey WatsonBarry KirwanShe Only Loves Me For My Willie
Think Outside The BoySéverine FillionLauren AlainaThink Outside The Boy48/219-06-2017
Hold On To Your HatHayley WheatleyDerek RyanHold On To your Hat98/217-06-2017
Kiss Me Just In CaseApril CoadyCatherine McGrathJust In Case32/413-06-2017
Ride The Roller CoasterVivienne ScottEric Church.Roller Coaster Ride64/413-06-2017
Go On & GoMaria SmithChely WrightGo On and Go64/412-06-2017
5 More MinutesHeather Barton & Jef CampsScotty McCreeryFive More Minutes32/412-06-2017
My Hillbilly ShoesSuzi BeauMontgomery Gentry
Hillbilly shoes32/211-06-2017
Hometown GirlRob Holley & Sue Ann EhmannJosh TurnerHometown Girl32/407-06-2017
He Put It ThereNorman GiffordScooter LeeHe Put It There32/407-06-2017
The Banks Of The RosesTina ArgyleNathan CarterThe Banks Of The Roses
Bitter Sweet Steve & Denise BissonCarlene CarterYou Are The One
Love's Gonna WinVivienne ScottPaulina Jayne"Love's Gonna Always Win"
Pack A SuitcaseAlison Biggs & Peter MetelnickZac Brown Band.Start Over
Don't Drop ByAlison Biggs & Peter MetelnickMiki Peters.'Don't Drop By'
The Caribbean FeelingRoss BrownNathan CarterCaribbean Feeling
I'm In TroubleRon BloyeSam OutlawTrouble32/424-05-2017
Straight To YouVikki MorrisCliona HagenI came straight to you36/223-05-2017
Old 88Vikki MorrisAdam BrandGrandpa’s Piano40/423-05-2017
Heaven South *Hayley WheatleyBrad PaisleyHeaven South32/423-05-2017
Strong Bounds Severine Fillion & Bruno MoggiaMichelle Branch & Dwight YoakamLong Goodbye64/222-05-2017
Thank God For The RadioMicaela Svensson ErlandssonThe KendallsThank God For The Radio32/422-05-2017
Caribbean Feeling' Audrey WatsonNathan CarterCaribbean Feeling'64/221-05-2017
Only Young OnceDiana DawsonDerek Ryan.You're Only Young Once64/421-05-2017
I Must Be DreamingVikki MorrisBo WaltonDon't Wake Me Up64/420-05-2017
Happy PeopleAlison Biggs & Peter MetelnickLittle Big TownHappy People64/219-05-2017
Keep It In The Middle Of The RoadYvonne Anderson, Lee Hamilton and Kti TorrellaBarry KirwanKeep It in Middle of the Road32/218-05-2017
Wabash Cannonball * Leif WittorffBoxcar WillieWabash Cannonball34/216-05-2017
Blue Umbrella BluesApril CoadyCharlie LandsboroughBlue Umbrella32/416-05-2017
Clear IsabelFlo MorestepsAaron WatsonClear Isabel32/416-05-2017
Loving YouTracie LeeJames OttoJust Got Started Lovin' You32/415-05-2017
Lucky Boy's DreamMaddison GloverEmilio"Somebody's Everything"32/413-05-2017
Done RunninJo Kinser & R Luna.Nashville Cast (Feat. Chaley Rose)Done Runnin'60/212-05-2017
Far & AwayTracie LeeJustin MooreIf Heaven Wasn't So Far Away48/212-05-2017
Dancin' The DustTina ArgyleJon PardiDirt On My Boots32/412-05-2017
Bring On TomorrowKarl-Harry WinsonBrad Paisley"Today"32/409-05-2017
True Believer! Niels PoulsenDiamond RioI Believe32/207-05-2017
Hawaiian GirlGuylaine BourdagesJosh TurnerHawaiian Girl32/405-05-2017
With You I AmYvonne AndersonCody JohnsonWith You I Am32/404-05-2017
How Not ToApril CoadyDan + ShayHow Not To32/404-05-2017
You Play My HeartIra WeisburdJohn Arthur MartinezYou Play My Heart64/228-04-2017
Ouzo & BlackSéverine FillionDidier BeaumontOuzo & Black64/424-04-2017
Every Cloud (Has A Silver Lining)Adrian ChurmBig & RichThank God For Pain32/423-04-2017
Three Minute Love Affair *Diana DawsonWhitney RoseThree Minute Love Affair64/420-04-2017
Miss You By NowStephen & Lesley McKennaMark ChesnuttOughta Miss Me By Now32/420-04-2017
FridayMicaela Svensson ErlandssonDerek RyanIt's Friday22/417-04-2017
Sunday Cha ChaKate SalaReba McEntireHallelujah, Amen32/417-04-2017
Heart On The RunMicaela Svensson ErlandssonMcBride & The RideLove On The Loose, Heart On The Run32/416-04-2017
Could've Been The WhiskeyApril CoadyMike DenverWasn't That A Party32/416-04-2017
We Love CountryRafel CorbíJK Nick Nichols -Country Music Isn't Country Anymore.64/416-04-2017
Cowboy CoolRep Ghazali-MeaneySonny BurgessCowboy Cool32/413-04-2017
18 WheelerNorman GiffordCody JinksChase That Song64/412-04-2017
No No No No MoreAudrey WatsonAnn TaylerNo More62/209-04-2017
Half A SongYvonne AndersonCody JohnsonHalf A Song56/207-04-2017
Gatnill PorchRafel CorbíCraig MoritzWith You64/206-04-2017
I Can't Hide This Anymore Vera YanBlue Rodeo"I Can't Hide This Anymore" by64/406-04-2017
Just One LookTracie Lee & Chris Watson,Nashville GastAll Of Me32/405-04-2017
Night AngelMicaela Svensson ErlandssonDerek RyanAngel Of The Night36/403-04-2017
A Few ChangesNorman GiffordDave Insley"There's Gonna Be a Few Changes"32/403-04-2017
My Dear JulietPilar Perez SoleraGeorges McAnthonyMy Dear Juliet64/203-04-2017
Champagne PromiseTina ArgyleDavid Nail Champagne Promise32/431-03-2017
TenderVikki Morris & Heather BartonDerek RyanTender32/431-03-2017
ThingsGary LaffertyTroy Cassar DaleyThings32/431-03-2017
Anywhere and EverywhereAdrian Churm,Fiona CulleyAnywhere With You48/431-03-2017
Diamonds and Daughters (96/2)Rob Fowler, and Bracken Ellis,Aaron WatsonDiamonds & Daughters96/230-03-2017
For Real This TimeWanda HeldtCharlie DanielsGone For Real48/428-03-2017
Blown AwayDon PascualMike DenverMy Oklahoma Home Blowed Away32/428-03-2017
Amarillo By Morning Ira WeisburdJohn Arthur MartinezAmarillo By Morning36/427-03-2017
Two Lonely PeopleKim RayTy HerndonLiving In A Moment32/427-03-2017
Friday At The DanceRob Fowler and Laura SwayMichael EnglishFriday at the Dance
Drunken DreamsNiels PoulsenMorgan MylesWhiskey Dreaming
Country RaceNiels Poulsen Shelby Lee Lowe.Honky Tonk Race64/224-03-2017
WonderRob Fowler, Roy Verdonk
& Séverine Fillion
Josh TurnerWonder64/223-03-2017
Rolling AlongDiana DawsonThe MavericksRolling Along32/422-03-2017
This Is Me (In Nashville) *Karen KennedyDerek RyanThis Is Me32/422-03-2017
Every Time She Walks ByHeather Barton Adam Brand.Every Time She Walks48/222-03-2017
We March OnSéverine FillionHillary Scott & The Scott FamilyWe March On40/419-03-2017
Southern ThingRob Fowler & Darren BaileyAlan JacksonAin't Just a Southern Thing64/219-03-2017
Some Bright Morning (I'll Fly Away)Harold GrimshawJoey and RoryI'll Fly Away64/217-03-2017
Boys And A Girl ThingRob FowlerMo PitneyHole Down In My Heart
Hole Down In My HeartSéverine Fillion, Roy Verdonk, Rob FowlerSam OutlawHole Down In My Heart
HeydayMicaela Svensson ErlandssonAaron WatsonHeyday Tonight
Paddy's ChoirGary O'Reilly & Maggie GallagherPatrick FeeneyPlace in the Choir
Life's HighwayCarrie Ann GreenJim DevineLife's Highway32/409-03-2017
Traveling ShoesMarie SørensenRobert MizzellTraveling Shoes32/208-03-2017
I Keep ForgettingMichelle RisleyLee Ann Womack & Vince GillI Keep Forgetting32/408-03-2017
Jim Reeves WaltzKarin TrippThe Deans BrothersJim Reeves Medley48/207-03-2017
A Cold BeerJulie LocktonJohnny BradyChicken Fried32/406-03-2017
The Grand TourAnna Korsgaard, Tony Jackson
The Grand Tour64/406-03-2017
I Go CrazyMicaela Svensson ErlandssonThe Bellamy Brothers &
Crazy From The Heart32/406-03-2017
Long Black TrainTina Argyle & Rob FowlerJosh Turner Long Black Train34/403-03-2017
El Niño LocoLars ChristensenRodney Carrington - El Niño Loco64/402-03-2017
Love Me in a FieldRob HolleyLuke BryanLove Me in a Field32/202-03-2017
She Ain't All ThatKathy Brown,Jason OwenGood For You32/228-02-2017
StorytimeSue SmythDrake WhiteStory64/423-02-2017
PioneersSeverine FillionThe Family BrownPioneers46/222-02-2017
Its Yours If You Want ItRob FowlerRascal FlattsIt's Yours If You Want It36/420-02-2017
My Tipperary GirlMicaela Svensson ErlandssonDaniel O'DonnellTipperary Girl32/420-02-2017
I'm Already GoneMagali CHABRETDallas SmithI'm Already Gone64/419-02-2017
A Girl Like YouMontana MagEaston CorbinA Girl Like You48/419-02-2017
Think Of YouGaye Teather & Phil CarpenterChris Young With Cassadee PopeThink Of You64/219-02-2017
Old and GreyRob FowlerDerek RyanOld and Grey64/414-02-2017
The Green SideMicaela Svensson ErlandssonGeorge CanyonThe Green Side64/214-02-2017
Favorite BoyfriendChristina YangLisa McHughFavorite Boyfriend Of The Year32/210-02-2017
Don't GoMichelle RisleyTim Redman & Natalie ThurlowDon't Go64/409-02-2017
Water Off A Ducks BackHazel PaceSonny BurgessA Little Bit Of You32/409-02-2017
Be There In Your MorningMicaela Svensson ErlandssonDie CampbellsLet Me Be There
Dangerous GamesKarl-Harry WinsonJason McCoy I Feel A Sin Comin' On48/406-02-2017
HungoverSeverine FillionBrandy ClarkHungover32/404-02-2017
Red BootsTina ArgyleMac PowellRed Boots32/403-02-2017
Road Less TraveledGuillaume RichardLauren AlainaRoad Less Traveled64/202-02-2017
A Little RowdyBobbey WillsonGretchen WilsonRowdy48/401-02-2017
Another Time SongSuzi BeauOld DominionSong For Another Time
Cowboy For A NightIra Weisburd e.aThe Australian TorandosCowboy For A Night32/429-01-2017
Urban Love SongDiana DawsonKeith Urban or Johnny BradyI Wanna Be Your Man (Forever)32/429-01-2017
4 In The MorningNorman GiffordFaron YoungIt's Four in the Morning48/425-01-2017
12 Step LoveSue Ann EhmannD.D. Alan12 Step Program (of Love)48/424-01-2017
Out In The StreetMicaela Svensson ErlandssonThe MavericksDown on the Corner32/224-01-2017
Boomerang BabyHayley Wheatley (UK) & Bastiaan van LeeuwenJana KramerBoomerang64/222-01-2017
Two GuysTina ArgyleAmie KnightTwo Guys64/422-01-2017
It Blowed AwayDerek RobinsonMike DenverMy Oklahoma Home32/422-01-2017
Friday Ain`t The Same *Anna Korsgaard Marie SørensenHallur Joensen“Friday Ain`t The Same”
Drinking ProblemDarren BaileyMidlandDrinking Problem
Everywhere I GoMicaela Svensson ErlandssonTim TimmonsEverywhere I Go32/417-01-2017
Makin' Me Look Good Again Vikki MorrisDrake WhiteMakin' Me Look Good Again
Ghost TownMarie SørensenSam OutlawGhost Town

Pink SkyMarita TorresLeAnn RimesRose Colored Glasses

Back To Being MeYvonne AndersonJamie RichardsBack To Bein' Me
Oh EileenKatrin GäblerMichael EnglishCome On Eileen
Nimby EZMicaela Svensson ErlandssonBurton CummingsYour Back Yard32/211-01-2017
Another Crazy YearMaddison GloverKenny Chesney Trip Around the Sun48/208-01-2017
A Little BitMaite Alemany M Jesus OsunaLisa McHughI'm a Little bit Lonely32/408-01-2017
Up All NightBastiaan van LeeuwenMichael EnglishUp All Night64/407-01-2017
Waltz Of AngelsWilliam SevoneThe Derailers (Alt. Redactie. Joey + Rory)Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels24/202-01-2017
S.O.SMarie SørensenHallur Joensen“SOS fra mig”64/202-01-2017
S.O.S. EasyMarie SørensenHallur Joensen“SOS fra mig”32/402-01-2017


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