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Agenda: Waar kunt u dansen?Country : Mail mij uw nieuwe dans.
Dansen laatst toegevoegd. Chor'. Buitenland. Country
Live It To The Limit(N)
Burning The Road House Down(N)
Road House Rock (N)
Kinda Like It's Love(N)
Loud Love(N)
8th Day (N)
Joey On The Fiddle(N)
Sangria Sun(N)
Lose My Mind(N)
I Love Grandpa
Live In Texas
California To Tennessee
Jack I'm Mellow
Cry Pretty
I Want A Cowboy For A Night
Roller Coaster
Kickin' Country
Long Haul Stroll
The One You're Waiting On
Wearing Cheap Cologne
Girl With The Fishing Rod
Drowns Whiskey
Down To The Honky Tonk
A Double Whiskey
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My Song (N)
I Got You(N)
Sweet Dummy
Out Of Jail
Tour In Mexico (juli 2016)
Bob Up
Shallow Rivers
Farmer's Wife
Girl in Pieces
The Ballcap
Perfect Place
Louisiana Girl
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Live It 2 (Pd)(N)
Late Night (Pd)(N)
Whe're Still Together (Pd)
Simplicity (Pd)
Good Ole Boys (Pd)
I Don't Know
He Cares (Pd)
Slow Rain (Pd)
Looks Good on You (Pd)
Far From Home (Pd)
Dansen laatst toegevoegd. Choreografen NL/BE.Country
I’ll Just Take These(N)
Roll On(N)*
Wild Feathers(N)*
Five Minutes More(N)
Only With You
Neon Tan*
A Long Time Forgotton
That Old River Town
Beneath Still Waters
Have I Told You
As She Loves Me *
Both Be On Our Way
I Feel Like Goin' Home
Keeping Secrets
Stranger things happened *
A Lonesome Fugitive
Once A Day
Ain't Got One Honky tonk
Friends In Hell
Can You Hear Them
I Got You
Loose Talk
So Many Miles *
Got Me Wondering
line-onder3Pop-Linedance. Pagina
Another Saturday Night(N)
As Long As(N)
Rythym Of The Rain(N)*
Special Delivery
I've Been Waiting For You
Be My Guest Tonight
Give Me Your Heart
New Light
All I Am Is You
Don’t Go Away
Feel Alive
Young at Heart
Home Is In My Heart *
Sugar Baby Love *
Yellow Ribbon (Llaç Groc)
Rumba Queen
Who‘ll stop the rain
Vita Nuova (New Life)
La Belle Romania
I Wanna Kiss You Baby
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Dans v/d week 38 : Stepsheet: Joey On The Fiddle
Michael English - Joey On The Fiddle.

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Except Monday Lorrie Morgan - Except For Monday. 19-09-2018.

You're My Angel Paul Bailey - You're My Angel. 05-09-2018.

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