Update : 24-02-2017.Top 05. (Zie Top 15)BrabantCountry ()
1 All Heaven Allows
2 While I Was Making Love To You

3 Rosa Del Mar
4 Happy, Happy, Happy
5 Chase That Song
(nog) geen dansvideo *Agenda: Waar kunt u dansen?Country : Mail mij uw nieuwe dans.
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Choreografen Buitenland. Country
Share With You
Its Yours If You Want It
My Tipperary Girl
I'm Already Gone
A Girl Like You
Think Of You
The Roads Never Taken
Valentine’s Day
Old and Grey
Favorite Boyfriend
Don't Go
Water Off A Ducks Back
Be There In Your Morning
I Don't Know
Dangerous Games
Partner Dansen.
Good at Tonight (Pd)
If I Could Kill a Word (P)(Pd)*
Cheap Cologne (Pd)
Looking Over My Shoulder2016.
I’m Gonna Break Some Promises (PD)
The Black Longhorn (PD)
Talk To My Heart (PD)
On My Knees (Pd)
Comin Down With A Heartache(Pd)
I Fall To Pieces (PD)
Let's Start & Stop (PD)
Roller Coaster For 2 (PD)
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Choreografen NL/BE. Country
Captain of the Ship
Holy Days
Solid As A Rock
Honky Tonk Forever
Texas (When I Die)
She Thinks I Still Care
Thunder Days
Day Job *
No Quiter *
Dance The Music Of Love
Do You Know *
This Ain’t My Wife *
You Deserve Better *
Country Strong
One Night
Your Pretty Brown Eyes
Happy Man
Stay All Night
You Beat Me To The Punch
Funky Sole
Be My Little Baby
You Belong
You Like An Angel To Me
Stone In My Pocket
Cumbia Conmigo
Rose A Lee
Let The Good Times Roll
The Cats Medley
Baby Tonight
You're The One That I Want
Viva Loco
Love Sentric
Femme Like U
Tango With Me Darling
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Dans v/d week 08 : Zie : Funky Sole
Michael Bolton - Old Time Rock & Roll.

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4 In The Morning Faron Young - It's Four in the Morning. 15-02-2017.

Stay All Night Derek Ryan - Stay All Night. 01-02-2017.

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