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1 If You Only Knew
2 Turn To Me

3 Never Get Old

4 Dangerous Games

5 All Heaven Allows
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Agenda: Waar kunt u dansen?Country : Mail mij uw nieuwe dans.
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Choreografen Buitenland. Country
I'm In Trouble
Straight To You
Old 88
Heaven South *
Strong Bounds
Thank God For The Radio
Caribbean Feeling' *
Only Young Once
I Must Be Dreaming
Happy People
Keep It In The Middle Of The Road
Wabash Cannonball *
Blue Umbrella Blues
Clear Isabel
Loving You
Lucky Boy's Dream
Done Runnin
Far & Away
Dancin' The Dust
Bring On Tomorrow
We Love Country
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Step By Love
Tricky Love
Heaven On Earth
Tin Roof
Think Your Present
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That My Heart (Pd)
No More Running Around (Pd)
Fancy Feet Waltz (Pd) Release
GB Shuffle (Pd)
It Only Hurt (pd)
Rock Bottom (Pd)
Invisible (Pd)
Break My Heart (Pd)
Tennessee Bird Dance (Pd)

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Choreografen NL/BE.Country
Lying There On The Floor
Down To My Last Cigarette *
Still Not Dead
Just Let Her Go
Folsom prison
Cigarettes & Coffee Blues
Be My Girl
Head And Tails
Bayou Hurricane
Diamond Ring
I Will Be Yours
Take Me For Who I Am
Blue Bird
Lay You Down
Oh What A Feeling
Never Happy
Que Pasa
We Go Round
Time’s A Wastin
The Gate Is Open
line-onder3Pop-Linedance. Pagina
Please Don't Cry
Lady In Red
Numero Una
Diamond Dreams *
Work Work
Tú Tienes Razón
Heavy Heart
Fooling Around
Make Believe
Ciao Adios (I’m Done)
Jukebox Jump
Bouncing Back
Smile Again
Summer Saturday Night
Flirtin’ & Kissin
Nancy Mulligan
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Dans v/d week 20 : Zie stepsheet: We Love Country
JK Nick Nichols - Country Music Isn't Country Anymore.

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I Will Be Yours The Mavericks - I Will Be Yours. 03-05-2017.

Could’ve Been The Whiskey Mike Denver - Wasn't That A Party. 26-04-2017.

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