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Dansen laatst toegevoegd.
Chor'. Buitenland. Country
A Bit Lit (N)
You're My Anthem (N)
I'm One Of Those
We Just Might
Pull You Through
Pure Love
If I Were You
love Takes Time
Every Time It Rains
On The Rocks
Outside In
What Makes You Country
Empty Heart
Stand By My Woman Man
Really Don't Want To Know
Woman Amen
Blue Kisses
Deep South
Best Adventure
A Thousand Stars
All Over
Georgia Express
Spilled Whiskey
Ghost In The Guitar
Chip And A Chair
White Lightning
Hooked On It
Double Down Two Step
line-onder3 Catalaanse Stijl. Pagina
George Strait (N)
Wild & Free
In My Heart
Hello Blue Sky
Pretty Saloon
line-onder3Partner Dansen. Pagina
Lights On Tonight (Pd)
Dream Of Me (Pd)
Liberty (Pd)
Angels And Alcohol (Pd)
Doing It To Country Songs (Pd)
You Broke Up With Me (Pd)
Honky Tonk Moon (Pd)
Imagine that (Pd)
That Old Flame (Pd)
Union Mare Shuffle(Pd)
California Two (Pd)
Better In Texas (Pd)
Dansen laatst toegevoegd. Choreografen NL/BE.Country
Slip Around with Me (N)
Let's Leave The Lights On Tonight (N)
One Love
Sms Is A Great Thing
Tonight It's Just Me
My Sweet Senorita
Shake Your Boots
Pop A Top Again
Waylon & Willie
Take A Ride In The Country With Me
I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried
I’m Feeling Sorry
The Saloon Dance
I Said I Loved You (But I Lied)
Take A Little Walk
Soul Train
The Countriest
Goodbye Again
Hookin’ Up
Dirt In My Face
The Older I Get
With Bells On (kerst)
Just Call Me Lonesome
Out Of The Rain
Music In My Heart
Reach My Heart
Somewhere Somehow
line-onder3Pop-Linedance. Pagina
Another Love Song (N)
These Days (N)
Sun & Sea Cha Cha (N)
No No No
El Baño
Loving Him Was Easy
In Our Blood
Just One Day
One Chance To Dance *
Just Don't Tell Me
Sweet Hurt
Body Talk
Coming Home
Can't Fight This Feeling
You Make My Heart Go Crazy
Life Goes On
Going Home
On This Night
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Dans v/d week 07 : Stepsheet: Let's Leave The Lights On Tonight
Roly Daniels - Let's Leave The Lights On Tonight.

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