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Dansen laatst toegevoegd.
Chor'. Buitenland. Country
Love Someone (N)
Love Will Never Die (N)
All My Best (N)
Half A Cha (N)
Mood Swing (N)
Rodeo Boots Versie 2.1
Nothing I Can Do About It Now
See Ya Cecilia
When You Hold Me
Born To Love You
Junction 20
A Lotta Bad Habits
About Her
In My Heart Always
Train Wrecked
Day Of The Dead
Beautifully Broken
A Stiff Drink
My Mother My Teacher My Friend
In Comes The Night
Sunday Paper
Tara's Dance
Born To Love
I've Loved You Since Forever
Safe In My Arms
No More Fooling Around
Wild Card 18
Born To Be Great
line-onder3 Catalaanse Stijl. Pagina
Mexican Kisses (N)
Better Days (N)
Breaking Horses
Moon & Sun
Let's Go There
line-onder3Partner Dansen. Pagina
Looks Good on You (Pd) (N)
Midland Stroll (Pd)
Far From Home (Pd)
Sweet Love (Pd)
Born To Love You (Pd)
Triple N.D. (Pd)
Nobody Cares (Pd)
Lights On Tonight (Pd)
Dansen laatst toegevoegd. Choreografen NL/BE.Country
Dutch Outlaw (N)
I Can't Stop Loving You (N)
Millionaire (N)
Slow Roll It (N)
Just A Country Boy (N)
Believe Me, If I Lied
Weak Or Strong
Let’s Turn Back In Time
Underneath These Stars
57 Chevrolet
This Is Your Memory
Adventure 45
Not Your One Night Stand
Indalo Shuffle
Chances are
Until Then
The Leavin' Side
Feels Like Love *
Your Time's Coming
Slip Around with Me
Let's Leave The Lights On Tonight
One Love
Sms Is A Great Thing
Tonight It's Just Me
My Sweet Senorita
Shake Your Boots
line-onder3Pop-Linedance. Pagina
Alice (N)
Hold A Candle (N)
No Soy Como
Someone Loves You Honey
You Are The Reason Baby
What I Miss Most
It's OK
The Drifter
Don't Do Me No Wrong
In Nineteen Seventy Three
Jump Right In
Exactly Why
Close To My Heart
Chasing Highs
Want To Break Free
Feeling Good
Feet On The Floor
Another Love Song
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Dans v/d week 17 : Stepsheet: Love Will Never Die
Ty Herndon - I'm In Love With You.

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