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Dansen laatst toegevoegd.
Chor'. Buitenland. Country
Down To The Honky Tonk (N)
Love Flow (N)
Simple As (N)
Tonight (N)
Thinking Of You Always (N)
High Low (a.k.a Heartbreaker)
A Double Whiskey
Somethin' Crazy
Beautiful Crazy
Working on Me
Devil Calling
Must Be The Whiskey
Except Monday
Dance Me Round
Fiddle Texas Style
Leaving Tipperary
You Are My People
Nenaghs' Church
Practice Makes Perfect
line-onder3 Catalaanse Stijl. Pagina
Powerslave (N)
Bob Up (N)
Guinness (N)
Paradise (N)
Shallow Rivers
Farmer's Wife
Girl in Pieces
The Ballcap
Perfect Place
Louisiana Girl
Hold Me
line-onder3Partner Dansen. Pagina
Simplicity (Pd) (N)
Good Ole Boys (Pd)
I Don't Know
He Cares (Pd)
Slow Rain (Pd)
Looks Good on You (Pd)
Midland Stroll (Pd)
Far From Home (Pd)
Dansen laatst toegevoegd. Choreografen NL/BE.Country
That Old River Town (N)*
Beneath Still Waters (N)
Have I Told You (N)*
As She Loves Me (N)*
Both Be On Our Way (N)*
I Feel Like Goin' Home
Keeping Secrets
Stranger things happened *
A Lonesome Fugitive *
Once A Day
Ain't Got One Honky tonk
Friends In Hell
Can You Hear Them
I Got You
Loose Talk
Gotta Be Puttin Me On *
So Many Miles *
Got Me Wondering
Coward Of The County
My Cadillac
Tears In My Eyes
Hello Mr. Heartache
Forget Your Troubles
line-onder3Pop-Linedance. Pagina
Young at Heart (N)
Home Is In My Heart (N)*
Sugar Baby Love (N)*
Yellow Ribbon (Llaç Groc) (N)
Rumba Queen (N)
Who‘ll stop the rain *
Vita Nuova (New Life)
La Belle Romania
I Wanna Kiss You Baby
Doin’ La Bamba
Nobody Else Loving You
Turn Me On
Hey You
Half A Boy And Half A Man
The King and I
If I could turn back time
True True Love
Send Me The Pillow
Be Boll - EZ
A Bitter Lullaby
line-onder3 herberg-wapen-v-cromvoirt
Dans v/d week 34 : Stepsheet: The Ballcap
Felix Truvere - Get To The Kissin’.

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Flik Flak Alex Williams - Freak Flag. 27-06-2018.
Given To Me Nathan Carter - Give it to Me. 13-06-2018.
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