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Dansen laatst toegevoegd.
Chor'. Buitenland. Country
Sleeping In The Stars (N)
Hayley Jo (N)
Hollibobs (N)
She Made My Day (N)
Simple As Can Be (N)
Irish To The Core
Tennessee Cha
Whiskey Smooth
What Ever
Slow and Easy
Little Bit
Why Can't I Say Goodbye
Free Heart
Without A View
Love In Your Heart
Can't Cry Pretty
Texas Time
Sober Saturday Night
Given To Me
Not Too Far To Reach
Turn 'Em On
Only On My Memory
Cool Fool
She's My Baby
Half A Song
Back To The Bar
All My Best
line-onder3 Catalaanse Stijl. Pagina
Frozen (N)
Hold Me (N)
Flik Flak (N)
Taste Me
The Yellow Town
Together Again
King Liar
Mexican Kisses
Better Days
Breaking Horses
line-onder3Partner Dansen. Pagina
Good Ole Boys (Pd) (N)
I Don't Know (N)
He Cares (Pd)
Slow Rain (Pd)
Looks Good on You (Pd)
Midland Stroll (Pd)
Far From Home (Pd)
Sweet Love (Pd)
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Dansen laatst toegevoegd. Choreografen NL/BE.Country
Tears In My Eyes (N)
Lookin For A Girl (N) *
Steamboat Ride (N)
Like It Or Not (N) *
The Only Love (N) *
Hello Mr. Heartache (N)
Forget Your Troubles
When I’m out tonight
Walkin’ in
I'm Gonna get a life
To Know Him
Shake Like Jello
Goodbye Tears
Memphis *
1000 Miles From Home
Starts With A Blank Page
I'll Be Home Soon
Dutch Outlaw
I Can't Stop Loving You
Slow Roll It
Just A Country Boy
Believe Me, If I Lied
Weak Or Strong
Let’s Turn Back In Time
57 Chevrolet
Not Your One Night Stand
line-onder3Pop-Linedance. Pagina
If I could turn back time (N)
True True Love (N)
Send Me The Pillow (N)
Be Boll - EZ (N)
A Bitter Lullaby
Hasta Luego
Sunshine Twist
I Close My Eyes
Little Lies
Cachito Mio
If It Don't Matter
Dancing On A Monday
Hold A Candle
No Soy Como
Someone Loves You Honey
You Are The Reason Baby
What I Miss Most
It's OK
The Drifter
Don't Do Me No Wrong
In Nineteen Seventy Three
Jump Right In
Dans v/d week 24 : Stepsheet: Frozen
Bucko & Toad - Frozen in Your Eyes.

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I Close My Eyes Chris Norman - Ich Mach Meine Augen Zu. 30-05-2018.
Just A Country Boy Bo Walton - Just A Country Boy. 16-05-2018.
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